5 Strong Profile-Building Tips Before Considering Studying Abroad: Japa

5 Strong Profile-Building Tips Before Considering Studying Abroad: Japa


Here you are anticipating to japa abroad, thinking of what steps to take. You are not the only one; in fact, many young people are considering moving abroad, but not many are doing this profile-building tips, preparation and strategy. Though there are different travel abroad strategies and preparation. Therefore this blog only explains the study visa and its profile-building strategy before considering studying abroad.

What is Profile Building?

Profile building is a strategic and systematic procedure of expressing your passion as a result to enhance your possibility of achieving your educational and professional goals.

This procedure is an ongoing process and not a one-time job. If you are planning for overseas studies in the next one, two or more years, then the optimum time for profile building should start now. 

Why is Profile Building important before you consider Studying Abroad (Japa)?

In the past 8 years, the population of students travelling abroad for studies in popular countries like the USA, UK, Canada etc are exponential and this increase has made gaining admission into universities overseas extremely difficult. With thousands of applications pumping in for a few hundred seats, the universities have tightened their admissions processes. A candidate with a strong profile is a catch for many universities.


As mentioned above, profile building can be a great way to

  • Strengthen your chances of getting into the university of your choice. 
  • Creating a database or portfolio that accurately represents your interests 
  • Draw attention to your involvement, knowledge, and skills in order to advance your professional or academic goals.

Profile Building Tips

Build career experience

Most study-abroad aspirants get denied by their host university for not having included career experience in their curriculum vitae.

The power of career experience mostly in your area of study is inescapable in building an appealing profile. Having little or voluminous experience in your field of study shows the host university that you don’t just want to study for a relocation goal (japa) but also have passion for the career so as to add value to humanity and society.

“You can’t apply for a Master’s Degree or a Diploma in Dental Science and only claim experiences in another field like Human Resources,”  study abroad experts said.

You likely are aware that there are several applicants like you who have volume experience with international and local certifications in that field of your interest. Even if you have no experience in your field and you probably want to switch careers, you may need to apply for an online or distance international qualification in that career so as to boost your chances of getting admission. 


Take up online or distance learning international courses and certifications

As said in the previous tip, you can add quality and accelerate the development of your profile by obtaining the necessary licences and certificates from a variety of online, offline or distance learning courses from oversea countries or finding any affiliated centres in your country of residence. This significantly raises the value of your profile. One of our study abroad experts said that “limit local certifications and qualifications and approach international qualifications links”. 


Grow your social media presence

Before your dive into this trip, run a Google search for your name to see what comes up. The growing and booming industry sees new creators every day – and provides audiences for almost everyone who can persevere in the environment. 

Your social media presence – regardless of industry or field, will show initiative and passion. Nowadays, this is how people regard you online. And this likely is what the universities will be seeing when they evaluate your application which you may not be aware of.

The idea of social media presence is to make sure that:

  • Your content is reflective of who you are and doesn’t contain any immodesties or things that make others question or doubt your character, since that is very important, regardless of whether you study abroad or not.  
  • When evaluating your application, the host university or country will likely take this into account.

If you think your profile needs to be revamped, start working on social media and updating your social media persona with events like leadership and management programs, inductions, internships, skills, learning, business participation, voluntary contributions etc and stay away from any form of negativity.

If you are unsure of how to improve your online presence even If you are not a social media person look through this blog for a free consultation.


Expand your leadership skills

Attend leadership and management fairs, events, and seminars, as said in the previous tip. This trend is the inevitable latest tip because it doesn’t just show how valuable, responsible, and reputable you must be in your country of residence but also pledges your application for better consideration in the host university. 

Become a member of the Leading Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership, USA (Global).

Your ability to inspire change, help others, be better and help improve systems and processes is sure to set you apart and make you stand out! 

In addition to becoming a member of CIML, you get access to international resources, networks and many more.


Acquire IOTs skills

Do you know you are travelling to a new country where you may think that you’ll get responses to every of your question from strangers? But living abroad is likely, not such. How much are you preparing yourself for a new environment? Hmmm.

Whatever questions you probably want to ask people, wherever places you like to visit, whatever transport you may want to book can be achieved using your smartphone. Therefore, you must start learning things by yourself. The Internet is your friend; everything is not about using money to get answers.   You don’t have to ask strangers by the roadside a lot of questions. Search Engines like Google, Bing, in fact, ChatGPT the latest trending Open AI will get you more helpful results when you want to research for local info like weather, destination, transport, shopping in advance, restaurants, translation, emergency contacts, latest news, rules or regulations.


Work on your cv

CV is an essential part of getting admission from the host university. There are thousands of applications pumping in and the Admission Management System is qualifying the best candidates. 

Your Curriculum Vitae must convey the following:

  • CV without gaps or spaces
  • Strong documentation, well-detailed and formatted
  • Optimise for the specific career pursuit
  • Free of unnecessary repetition and mendacity 
  • Saved in PDF format

Schedule a free consultation

If you probably don’t know how to create a Curriculum Vitae (CV) for your study abroad dream, you may seek a professional to assist in designing a CV.  

Bottom line

Learn, unlearn, relearn, and gather more experience even if it is a voluntary or internship job, it is never a waste of experience. All these are considered profile-building activities. 

The goal of building a strong profile is to make your application stand out among the rest without having to try several times and this means a lot of money and time; also helps throughout your professional career and life. Start building a powerful profile with these tips now. The optimum time for profile building is now.