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The American Institute of Education and Training is sold out to raise formidably well-trained functionaries at every level of society through professional courses and special training programs. The institute is first a pacesetter in its structure, personnel and operations, then it imparts the same to its Students and Members. It was established out of a desire to see an ideal society that is run by professionals with excellence in ideology and pursuance of vision.

It has a pragmatic approach to its curriculum and programs that could shift the paradigm of its Students and Members in the direction of what the future requires for a standard society. Its services cut across educational and general professional training and consultancy.

The institute covers a wide range of cultural diversities to reach its Students and Members. The variety, on its own, is a learning environment that spices the experience. It is built on innovative ideas from within and beyond the principles that great institutions of the past and present were built. It is a modern wonder of the educational sector of society.

Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership, USA

The Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership is an American professional body that seeks to develop managerial skills in employers and employees alike as we commit ourselves to helping managers achieve qualifications that would meet managerial standards all over the world.

The Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership is an initiative to instil a driving force that equips individuals with prospects, wealth and ideas directed towards the proper handling of societal values; salvaging the diminishing properties of the economy via the inculcation of management skills and Leadership cues.

More so, information in circulation in the Institute is garnished with such subjects that broaden the horizon of the individual and enlarge his scope in such fields as noteworthy in the realization of a better and workable economy in underdeveloped, developing and developed nations of the world.

The standards here are a function of the quintessence of constructive dynamism and variability, objectiveness and most importantly, phenomenal enthusiasm in the course so pursued by individuals.

Since its inception, the Institute has shown capabilities in helping develop a broadly based education in managerial and leadership skills with a rich and diversified series of programmes from individual courses to professional appointments.

Our Programmes are aimed at providing new skilled managers and equipping the existing ones with appropriate skills for solving day-to-day management problems through the application of modern management techniques.

CIML Business School

CIML Business School is registered in New Mexico USA, as a Global Business School to offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses through accredited Distance Education Methodologies and also through globally affiliated Study Colleges/Centres.

The business School’s vision is to attain international recognition as a professional and research-inclined business school given to progressiveness and open to the connected community for thought leadership as we strive to exert a profound effect on the business world by helping people to achieve their full abilities.

We are committed to facilitating the development of the business and management careers of our students by drawing on our applied research, practitioner expertise, and management development experience to offer a wide range of business and management programmes. We seek to challenge the status quo as we instruct our students to constantly question and found innovation. We design our course modules to enable a diverse community of students, staff and other stakeholders to engage with academic, professional, and research communities.

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Teaching Qualifications

These qualifications are designed for aspiring and existing teachers/educators, school leaders who are looking to update their knowledge in the ever-changing landscape of education.

CIML Business School

The Business School offers comprehensive diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma, Masters & DBA programs in marketing, PR, digital marketing, CRM, MIS, and Human Resources etc.

AIET Membership

A supportive community empowering teachers with resources, networking, & professional development etc to excel in their teaching journey at the American Institute of Education & Training

CIML Membership

Elevate your skills with exclusive resources, mentorship, and a thriving network for effective leadership and successful management at the Chartered Institute of Management & Leadership