Unlock Your Potential with Our Empowering Programmes

Embrace Excellence through Our Diverse Offerings – Diploma, Post Graduate, MBAs, DBAs for Aspiring and existing managers, visionary leaders, ambitious graduates, Inspirational Teachers, School Leaders etc.

Our Progammes

Teaching Qualifications

These qualifications are designed for aspiring and existing teachers/educators, school leaders who are looking to update their knowledge in the ever-changing landscape of education.

CIML Business School

The Business School offers comprehensive diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma, Masters & DBA programs in marketing, PR, digital marketing, CRM, MIS, and Human Resources etc.

AIET Membership

A supportive community empowering teachers with resources, networking, & professional development etc to excel in their teaching journey at the American Institute of Education & Training

CIML Membership

Elevate your skills with exclusive resources, mentorship, and a thriving network for effective leadership and successful management at the Chartered Institute of Management & Leadership

CIML-NYSC Membership

This membership program is solely designed for corps members to launch into the world of business management and leadership as they get exposed to the corporate world.