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A. The duration of the Certificate in Education is 9 months.

A. Several certificates have been evaluated by the different state ministries of education.

Q. Is the certificate accredited by NUC?
A. NUC does not accredit foreign certificates. The only platform or body that evaluate foreign certificate is the Ministry of Education

Q. Is the certificate recognised by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria?
A. Yes, the certificate is recognised by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria.

Q. What is the tuition fee for the Scholarship program?
A. The tuition fee for the program is 150,000 naira initially 350k

Q. Are there any other fees for the program?
A. Yes, other fees for the program are supervision (10,000), project fee (10,000) and application fee of 10,000.

How much is the application fee
A. Yes, the application fee for all programs is 10,000.

How can I register or get started?
Click on the apply button above or contact us on 09053417612 for assistance

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